Welcome to celebrate the Baltic Take Over festival week!

Last Hours performance evening gathers festival artists together with local Finnish artists to share small performances and enjoy the summer night in a lovely company. The programme includes drag performances by Miss Plastica (LT) and Anita Bang (FIN), DJ set by DJ Softis (FIN), Baltic song battle DJ set baltic united* by Maarja & Reinis (LV/EE) and a synth set by Platons Buravickis (LV). The evening is produced in collaboration with Mad House Helsinki.


Doors open at 8.30 pm and programme starts at 9.00 pm. Tickets cost 5 euro at the entrance (cash or card)!


About the artists and performances:

Anita Bang (FIN) is a cocktail of Hollywood melodrama, torch songs, poetry, and darkly wicked humor. Anita Bang is multidisciplinary artist Vili von Nissinen’s performance persona. Anita has been on Nordic stages since 2016, from art galleries and performance art festivals to club events. As well she’s been doing effectiveness coaching for companies. Vili holds MA degrees in visual and performance art. Currently, they study theatre directing at the Uniarts’ Theatre Academy in Helsinki.

Platon Buravicky (LV) is a contemporary classical composer, pianist and improviser. His creative work is dedicated not only to symphonic and chamber music, a special place in his creative work is electroacoustic music and spatial (ambisonic) music. For Buravicky there is no musical genre that he would not work with: from 19-th century atavism, like an operetta, to rave-techno improvisations and radical musical experiments.

Miss Plastica (LT) will present an awkward dancing workshop. Get ready to sweat!!! In a world full of ambitions, the need for perfection and sophistication we sometimes need to let it go and work our true awkwardness and craziness in order to stay sane. This queen will guide you exactly there. It’s a journey of enjoying every bit of awkwardness that you have inside you, while connecting with others and generating energy of togetherness and joy in the room.

Maya Oliva (FIN) is a choreographer and dance artist recently based in Helsinki. In her solo Mostruosa, she aims to locate and invoke the movements of her own migrations as well as those of her parents and grandparents that are present in her body. Monstrous is what she becomes as she swells in her in-betweens, stomping, expanding, and singing love songs to her mutations.

Reinis and Maarja (LV/EE) are two completely different persons. One is a woman, one is the other one. One jokes about the other one being slow. The other one slowly jokes about the second one’s toes. They don’t even speak the same language. They don’t even like each other that much. But what they have in common is surprisingly exquisite, seriously in-depth, unbelievably talented, widely known astounding taste in music. And for one first and probably the last time, they will come together to radiate like a star in the Helsinki sky and fill up everyone’s hearts and souls with temperate Baltic warmth. In this one night, you will hear only the best from Latvia and Estonia. “This is the music that inspired our nations for independence and helped to maintain it. This music defines us because we grew up listening to it. Don’t take it too seriously, but don’t you dare to laugh about it!”