With this work, the choreographer is analyzing the concept of consent and  lack of it to his opinion in our society. This work also scratches on ideas such as functioning by default and passive agreement without questioning. P. Bastys is exploring certain cultural areas where consent is a base element, and then he mixes it with situations in a society where he feels that it’s being disregarded or manipulated into otherwise.

Performance will be led by Miss Plastica, drag queen alter ego that choreographer has been researching since 2013. This character will be stretching boundaries with the audience by diving into the world of BDSM and its aspects of domination and submission. Also will explore certain martial arts and its connection to certain aspects of gender and power projection through its performativity.

Through these and other visual consent representations the creator will strip away certain ideas and play with it through an aim to transform into visual dialogue with himself towards discomfort and feeling of a restrain in our society. Using visually strong aesthetics, the choreographer hopes to provide a different view on certain situations and certain cultures through the filter of consent and choice of it that ideally we should always have. Performance aims to alert conscious decision making rather than functioning by default and provides a personal view on that.



Povilas Bastys (choreography, costume, makeup and performance)

Konstantin Kosovec (performance)

Karolina Ramonė (music)


Artist / Company biography

Povilas Bastys is contemporary dancer/choreographer who is devoted to the world of drag and human body visual, transformative abilities that he explores in his works.

Since 2015 Povilas has been emerged in to the cabaret culture. Now he organizes such a events in Lithuania and works on a ways to present  and mix that culture on a theater stages.

Konstantin Kosovec is an artist of contemporary circus, who has been practicing quite a number of disciplines since 2008, mostly aerial acrobatics, attending lessons of different disciplines and working independently.

Since 2013, he participates in the development of circus and dance performances, merging this and other art branches together.