“Strange people stand very strangely” is a vivid performance for children in the form of a concert show, which combines analog synthesizers with opera voice and analog cinema projectors. It is based on a vocal cycle by Platons Buravickis for baritone and analog synthesizers, composed with Daniil Harms’ poetry for children (translated by Kārlis Vērdiņš). The various contemporary compositional techniques are used in the cycle, which, combined with the rhythms of club dance music, allow you to enjoy the charm of contemporary electronic music in a relaxed way, while the analog projector projections are a reference for the light and video interplay used in concert shows. At the same time, abstract projections and “in camera” tricks arouse the imagination of the audience and introduce the simplest filming techniques of the beginning of the cinema era.



Platons Buravickis – composer and analog synthesizers

Armands Siliņš-Bergmanis – voice

Klāvs Mellis – stage director

Lāsma Bērtule – analog projections

Madara Luīze Muzikante – movements

Niks Cipruss – light designer

Elīna Matvejeva – video operator


Artist / Company biography

The association “Sansusī” is the organizer of the alternative festival for chamber music “Sansusī”, which also produces various concerts, performances and operas, continuing to be open to projects of various genres of contemporary art. A group of artists in such a combination is what we call “Strange people team” in the “Sansusī”. The creators of the show represent various creative fields: Platons Buravickis is a composer, pianist and music pedagogue who works both in the field of academic and electronic music, Klāvs Mellis is an actor and stage director, the one of the founders of the independent theatre troupe “KVADRIFRONS”, Armands Siliņš-Bergmanis is a soloist of the Latvian National Opera and the founder of the contemporary chamber music festival “Sansusī”, Lāsma Bērtule is an analog media artist, creator of films and experimental programs, while Madara Luīze Muzikante is a choreographer and teacher with extensive experience in working with children and young people and the light designer for the show is Niks Cipruss – one of the most requested in his generation in Latvia.

Website – https://sansusi.lv/arhivs/


Funded and supported by Sansusī festival, BAL (Baltic Analog Lab).